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Rural Woodlands Ottawa is a volunteer group dedicated to preserving healthy woodlands in a diverse landscape with woodlots, wetlands, hedgerows and natural open areas. 


We work with other organizations and the City of Ottawa to raise public awareness and take action to protect our priceless rural woodland heritage.


Ottawa’s rural forests and hedgerows are being removed at an unsustainable and escalating rate

Healthy rural forests are vital for cities!


Forests and hedgerows are natural climate solutions.

Compensating farmers and other landowners for maintaining forests on their property is good public policy.


Offering tax reductions, carbon credits, grants or other resources could help encourage retention of forests and hedgerows..

Latest News

Landowners with woodlands often face the problem of trees that are damaged by wind, ice, and other natural causes. It is thought that climate change has led to an increase in extreme weather events. There is usually no insurance coverage or other assistance in these cases, which is one more reason why we should be thankful for people that look after forested land.

Rural Landscape

The rural landscape includes a mixture of agricultural use, forests, wetlands, residential areas and industrial sites.  These should all be managed together to ensure that future generations may enjoy the benefits of this variety, and to ensure that no key aspects are lost.

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